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About these pages

This part of the PRTools website has been imported from 37Steps as that site will be closed in the near future. Because the PRTools package and its add-ons are still frequently used, most of the content that may serve as a user guide to the software is brought back to where it all started: Delft University of Technology.

Here I like to thank all who helped and inspired me to understand pattern recognition and who helped me to design the tools or study it. Many of them are mentioned in the history of PRTools. Here a few should be mentioned separately. Sergey Verzakov enthusiastically used it, contributed with new tools and improvements. The same holds for David Tax who was with me for more than 20 years in using and streamlining it for experiments and teaching. He and Veronika Cheplygina plan to take care of the maintenance as long as it is needed.

Finally special thanks are given to Ela Pekalska. She was significant in my research and helped me to design and start the 37Steps website.

Bob Duin, July 2019