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DisTools: Introductory Examples

This page contains the entries to a set of simple introductory examples to dissimilarities. There is also a set of extensive examples and exercises, belonging to a 4-day course on the dissimilarity representation. Readers are assumed to be somewhat familiar with PRTools and may also consult the introduction to DisTools.

Moreover, it is assumed they have downloaded and installed in their Matlab path PRTools, DisTools and PRDisData.

Copy, paste and run the following statements into you Matlab command window to check this.

if exist('ldc','file') ~=2
  error('PRTools is not in the path, please add it.')
if exist('nne','file') ~=6
  error('DisTools is not in the path, please add it.')
if exist('catcortex','file') ~=2
  error('DisData is not in the path, please add it.')
disp([newline '--- Everything is fine ---'])

The following examples are ordered in some systematic way. However, they may be skipped in case the content is already familiar. This hold in particular for the first one which is just needed for people not familiar with PRTools.