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How to install and start with PRTools?

PRTools is a Matlab toolbox for pattern recognition basics. If Matlab is not available it cannot be used. If it is, the following steps should be followed:

    1. Download PRTools from here.
    2. Unzip the file.
    3. Read the Release Notes and the Known Problems  pages (only informative for existing users).
    4. Copy or move the prtools folder to a Matlab working directory.
    5. Start Matlab
    6. Add the prtools folder to your path, either by the “Set Path” tab of the Matlab desktop, or by the Matlab addpath command.
    7. Run prex_plotc

You should see a scatterplot with some classifiers. In case you just see a listing and warnings, but no scatterplot, graphics are not enabled or tunneled. If you see errors, something is wrong:

For more information, see the PRTools user guide.