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Classification and tests

classimClassify image using a given classifiermore routines
classcConvert mapping to classifier
labeldFind labels of objects by classification
clevalClassifier evaluation (learning curve)
clevalbClassifier evaluation (learning curve), bootstrap version
clevalfClassifier evaluation (feature size curve)
clevalsClassifier evaluation (feature /learning curve), bootstrap
confmatComputation of confusion matrix
costmCost mapping, classification using costs
disperrorDisplay error matrix with information on classifiers and datasets
labelimConstruct image of labeled pixels
losoLeave_one_set_out crossvalidation
mclasscComputation of multi-class classifier from 2-class discriminants
rejectCompute error-reject trade-off curve
rocReceiver-operator curve (ROC)
shiftopShift operating point of classifier
testcGeneral error estimation routine for trained classifiers
testdError of dataset applied to given classifier
testaucEstimate error as area under the ROC

Plot routines

gridsizeSet gridsize used in the PRTools plot commandsmore routines
plotcPlot discriminant function for two features
plotePlot error curves
plotfPlot feature distribution
plotmPlot mapping
plotoPlot object functions
plotrPlot regression functions
plotdgPlot dendrgram (see hclust)
scatterduiScatterplot scatterplot with feature selection
scatterrScatter regression dataset