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Bayes classifier based on given density estimates

     W = BAYESC(WA,WB, ... ,P,LABLIST)
    D = X*W

 WA, WB, ... Trained mappings for supplying class density estimates
 P Vector with class prior probabilities  Default: equal priors
 LABLIST List of class names (labels)
 X Testset

 W Bayes classifier.
 D Classification matrix


The trained mappings WA,WB, ... should supply proper densities estimates  D for a dataset X by D = X*WA, etcetera. E.g. they should be trained by  commands like GAUSSM(A), PARZENM(A), KNNM(A). Consequently, they should  have a size of K x 1 (assuming that X and A are K-dimensional). Also  sizes of K x N are supported, assuming a combined density estimate for N classes simultaneously. BAYESC weighs the class densitites by the class  priors in P and names the classes by LABLIST. If LABLIST is not supplied,  the labels stored in the mappings are used.


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2. A. Webb, Statistical Pattern Recognition, John Wiley && Sons, New York, 2002.

See also

datasets, mappings, gaussm, parzenm, knnm,

PRTools Contents

PRTools User Guide

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