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Support routine for checking datasets


 A Dataset or double
 REDUCE 0/1, Reduce A to labeled samples (1) or not (0, default), optional.

 B Dataset
 C Number of classes
 LABLIST Label list of A
 P Priors


This routine supports dataset checking and conversion for mappings  and density estimators. If A is double it is converted to a one-class  dataset with all labels set to 1. The same holds if A is an entirely  unlabeled dataset. The label list of A is returned in LABLIST, but  for multi-class datasets LABLIST is set to 1. C is the number of classes  in A. The priors are returned in P (length C), the dataset itself in B.  If REDUCE is 1, all unlabeled objects are removed.

If A has soft labels, B = A.  If A does not have labels but targets: C = 1, LABLIST = [], P = 1.

See also

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PRTools Contents

PRTools User Guide

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