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Clean dataset for small class size behavior of classifiers


 A Dataset
 N Minimum desired class size, default 1
 U Untrained fallback classifier, default ONEC

 B Dataset with small and empty classes removed
 M Number of objects in B
 K Feature size of B
 C Number of classes in B
 LABLIST Label list of A
 L Classes of A still availiable in B
 W Trained fallback classifier


This routine serves three purposes

  • It summarises a number of statements in the training parts of a  classifier in orer to make the source more readable.
  • Removal of small classes.
  • In case B does not contain at least two classes of the desired sample  size, the fallback classifier U is trained by A and returned in W.

This routine takes facilitates the handling of imcomplete training sets,  together with the support routines ONEC, ALLCLASS and, CLASSUSE.

See also

datasets, mappings, onec, allclass, classuse,

PRTools Contents

PRTools User Guide

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