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Histogramming of image dataset (datafile)

     H = IM_HIST(A,N)
     H = A*IM_HIST([],N)
     H = A*IM_HIST(N)
     H = IM_HIST(A,X)
     H = A*IM_HIST([],X)
     H = A*IM_HIST(X)

 A Dataset or datafile
 N Number of bins, default 256
 X User defined histogram bins (centers)

 H Dataset or datafile with histogram bin frequencies


For every object in the dataset A the set of feature values (for images  pixels)is mapped into a histogram, specifying for each bin the number of  features having a value as specified for that bin. If H is converted to a  dataset it has a feature size equal to the number of bins times the  number of bands in the image. So color images return a histogram for  every band.

Use HISTM if the bin positions have to be determined automatically is a  'training' stage from some images.

See also

datasets, datafiles, mappings, hist, histm,

PRTools Contents

PRTools User Guide

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