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Mapping to execute arbitray Matlab function on dataset

     [B,OUT] = MAPM(A,COMMAND,PAR1,PAR2,....)
     [B,OUT] = A*MAPM([],COMMAND,PAR1,PAR2,....)
     [B,OUT] = A*MAPM(COMMAND,PAR1,PAR2,....)

 A Dataset or datafile or double
 COMMAND String with function name
 PAR1,... Optional parameters for COMMAND

 B Resulting dataset, datafile or double array
 OUT (only for datasets or doubles) possible additional  outputs


On the data in A, the double array A the following command is executed

      [B,OUT] = COMMAND(DATA,PAR1,PAR2,....)

If A is a dataset then B is converted to a similar dataset. If A is a  cell array, then results are combined into a cell array as well.

This command differs from the similar command FILTM which operates object  by object (row by row). The COMMAND in MAPM operates on the entire data  matrix.


 argmin = mapm('min')*out2; 
 % A*argmin returns for every column the row indices of the minimum
 % A'*argmin returns for every row the column indices of its minimum

 nexpm = mapm('uminus')*mapm('exp');
 % A*nexpm returns exp(-A), useful incombination with other commands

 softm = mapm('setlabtype','soft');
 % A*softm converts crisp labeled dataset into a soft labeled dataset

See also

datasets, datafiles, im2obj, data2im, filtm, filtim, out2,

PRTools Contents

PRTools User Guide

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