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Shift input arguments conditionally


 ARGIN Cell array with function input arguments (VARARGIN)
 CONDITION Type of first argument, e.g. 'double','char','prmapping'.  'scalar' and 'vector' are allowed as well. See ISSCALAR.  'vector' holds only for numeric row vectors.  'integer' for integer doubles or INTX variables.  'last' tests whether argument NPAR is the last in the call.  This can also be a cell array of conditions. If one of them  holds it is fulfilled.
 NPAR Argument number in ARGIN to be tested.

 ARGOUT If CONDITION is false ARGIN, else [{[]} ARGIN]


Function input arguments stored in ARGIN, usually VARARGIN of the calling  function, are conditionally shifted to avoid the need to add superfluous  empty placeholders ([]) as the first argument in mapping definitions.  Shifting will be skipped if the second argument is a trained mapping.

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PRTools Contents

PRTools User Guide

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