PRTools Matlab toolbox

PRTools supplies more than 300 user routines for traditional statistical pattern recognition tasks. It includes procedures for data generation, training classifiers, combining classifiers, features selection, linear and non-linear feature extraction, density estimation, cluster analysis, evaluation and visualization. An overview is here.

PRTools can be useful for:

  • design of prototypes of pattern recognition systems.
  • design and evaluation of new algorithms.
  • integration in applied areas of data analysis like computer vision, medical diagnostics, seismics, remote sensing, chemometrics and bio-informatics.

PRTools can freely be used for academic research, as well as for inspection purposes under the following license. For commercial use, a site-license is available.

The present version is PRTools 5. It avoids conflicts with similar named Matlab functions and includes interfaces to Matlab classifiers.

PRTools has inspired others to build additional add-ons and tools. See the software section.